I am 100% Pro Life

I am 100% Pro Life. Life begins at conception and to end life is always a crime. The right to life is our Constitutional, God-given right. I want to make Santa Rosa County a “Pro Life Sanctuary”

I am Pro Second Amendment Rights

In this changing world I want to preserve our liberties and declare Santa Rosa County a “Second Amendment sanctuary” in support of our 2nd Amendment rights!

I am a fiscal Conservative

 I am seeking election as a Conservative Republican who follows the party’s platform based on free market principles. I support tax cuts, small government and I oppose wasteful spending. Today I am starting a conversation about term limits, smart spending, growth management and transparency. 

Smart Growth

Santa Rosa County is rapidly growing. Without growth management we are facing infrastructural disaster. With smart growth planing we will be prosperous and secured. 


I support Tax Cuts

When you tax something more you get less of it , and when you tax something less you get more of it.  It is proven fact that tax increase never  lead to prosperity. It is utopia that devastated many states, such as California . I passionately oppose tax increase.

Small Government

As a businessman I will encourage and support small businesses that are the engine of our economy. As an American that loves this country and our great Constitution, I will support small government, reduced regulations and  a “home town rule” to  establish our policies based on referendum of our citizens.